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Forbidden Part 3

Men of UK are going for a threesome in the third part of ‘Forbidden’ their on-going series about things that should definitely not go on in the confessional at church. Actually, things don’t happen in the church but in the nearby stores and warehouses where the naughty Father takes his young men to help them with their sexual problems. In this series it’s the UK’s number one porn model, Paddy O’Brian, who takes the lead as the frolicking father and in this particular episode he is joined by Tony Milan and John Fink.

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We saw Tony Milan in part two of this series not so long ago. He’s the Italian looking guy with tanned skin, a great physique and a neat seven and a half inch uncut cock. But who is John Fink? He’s a new guy to the site and this is his first video. He’s also got tanned and dark looks and a very impressive cock, he’s also uncut and he also has brown eyes so he and Tony have a few things in common. And as for Paddy O’Brian, well, he shouldn’t need any introduction. He’s made 61 scenes for and has been working for them exclusively for over two years now, starting off in June 2012 with Isaac Jones in a scene for Men Of UK; he has appeared on various other sites for too, and is one of their more regularly appearing models.
Now then, if you saw ‘Forbidden part 2’ you will remember that while the hot hardcore action was going on inside the warehouse, there was a guy outside looking in and we had no idea who he was. Well, it looks like that might have been John Fink, and when part three starts there’s another guy outside the warehouse sneaking about. But that’s not John Fink, he is already inside with Paddy and Tony and, when we make an entrance, the guys are already feeling each other up. Paddy is clearly in charge, he’s in the middle of a three-kisser sandwich and he’s the first to start undressing. Here comes that toned chest of his, that flat stomach and here come two pairs of hands to explore it. Slowly, bit by bit, the trousers come down and those hands start to explore more intimate paces. And all the while there’s the voyeur outside looking in and now starting to play with his own cock; but we still can’t see who it is.

Before long, inside, we’ve got all three guys naked with Paddy O’Brian checking out the hot ass of Tony Milan while he pays lip and mouth attention to the rock hard cock of John Fink. The threesome is well underway when Paddy and John swap places and Tony gives some of the lush head action to Paddy while John eats out his ass instead. But Paddy is the boss, and so he is the first to get to slide his rigid pole into Tony Milan’s hot hole, and from then on it’s a case of hard fucking while Tony is bent over the bench and John Fink is fucking his mouth. Things heat up and move on, they get louder, and faster as Paddy then fucks John Fink while he sucks on Tony Milan’s cock.

The two guys take it in turns to ride Paddy O’Brian’s famous dick, one after the other sitting on it and taking its full length into their asses. And meanwhile, still outside and looking in, we find out who our voyeur is. It’s none other than new twink on the block Jake Bass (check out ‘Men of Anarchy part 3’ for his debut). He’s there up at the window watching as the hunky guys inside start to shoot their loads into each other’s mouths and over each other’s bodies. That leaves us wondering if sexy twink Jake Bass might be appearing in part four. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Abbey Part 3

It was just over one year ago (as I write) in December 2013 that Jace Tyler appeared on our screens. He made his debut in a Gods Of Men movie, ‘Early Riser’ alongside, and underneath, Eric Star. Since then he’s gone on to make a few other movies with (and possibly elsewhere) and has appeared with Gabriel Clarke a couple of times, and a few other of the top models who work for this outstanding network. But so far he’s not really played with the big guns, he’s not been set up with any of the huge names, that is, until today. Here he is in a scene with the legend Paddy O’Brian and it’s a hot one, and it’s from Men Of UK.

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And it is part of ‘The Abbey’ series, episode three (season one?). This series is set among the high-class, upper-class, upstairs and posh of good old Blighty, and plays out the inter-class stories perfectly. There are under stairs butlers and footmen having shady pasts to share with the tight lipped, tight-assed upper class above stairs, the younger and sexy lords of the manor. And there is all the sexiness that comes from the tight-back butler’s outfits, the sexy and good looking British boys fresh from public school, and the sounds of the accents.

The Abby part three starts with ‘Stephen’ the eldest son of the lord of the manor, being driven by his chauffeur, Tom, played by Paddy O’Brian. It’s a bit out of the blue but Tom is in favour of same sex rights and social equality, and starts calling the young master Stephen, which leads to him calling him Tom and the two guys bond. That comes in handy as, a little later, Jace Tyler comes to find Paddy O’Brian in the garage after dinner (where his talk of same sex rights didn’t go down well apparently). Paddy is topless as he cleans the car and, when he puts his hands on Jace Tyler, this scene changes. But it can’t happen! Not only is it wrong for two men in this period to be together (see E.M. Forster for the real deal) but it’s across the classes. But hey! It’s equality all round when the guys start to grapple with each other and the flood gates of sexual repression are opened up.

And so it all comes pouring out for Jace Tyler and Paddy O’Brian. Class distinctions are forgotten, as the guys grasp each other’s hard cocks and the young master goes down on the chauffeur. And then the chauffeur becomes bolder and takes more liberties and starts to explore the lord’s ass and, before we’re even half way through the runtime of this wonderful fantasy, Jace Tyler is getting right royally butt-fucked by the London lad, Paddy O’Brian. He’s got his bent over in the garage, he’s fucking his ass and slapping his ass cheeks, the young master still in his white dinner shirt. But you can tell Jace Tyler is loving this, his cock is rock solid, all eight inches of it as he rides Paddy’s pole on the Chesterfield and the two guys sweat and grunt their way through so many different positions.

They break off every now and then so Jace can suck wildly on Paddy’s cock some more; it’s like the upper class can’t get enough of the working class dick. And then they fuck some more, and things get wild and loud and non-stop until Paddy pulls out and dumps his load on Jace. Jace Tyler can’t hold back either and, grappling with his cock as his balls ride up, he shoots a thick wad over himself. ‘The Abbey’ is turning into one hell of a hot series; don’t miss it!

Men In Ibiza Part 2

Those lazy days of summer eh? What better than to lounge around in your bathers, by the sea, with a few friends and a cold beer. What’s better? How about being aboard a speed boat cruiser, at sea, off the coast of Ibiza and being alone on the boat with top porn star Paddy oBrian and hunky newcomer Abraham Al Malek. That, I would say, would boost anyone’s summer holiday. Well, that’s where we get taken in today’s scene from Drill My Hole. You might remember a few days ago we saw Men In Ibiza (part 1), here we have part two and it features those two hunky stars. Paddy, as we know, has made loads of movies for and has appeared in some of their series. Abraham is newer to the company and this is his third scene. He has already appeared in ‘Gay Of Thrones’ and made his first huge splash in ‘Hotel X’ last year. So, both guys know what they are going.

This scene starts pretty simply but with nice atmosphere as Abraham is driving his power boat out at sea. Paddy is lounging on the bench, in the shade and the day out there, even at sea, is hot. Within less than two minutes though these hunky studs are admiring each other and, without a word being said, they start tenderly missing. They know what each other wants, and they know how to give to each other. As the boat bobs and rolls on the sea their kissing leads to a deeper exploration of what is now bulging out in Paddy’s tight trunks.

Paddy fans know that what is in there is his rock hard seven inch cut cock, and, as always, it’s ready for action. Abraham wraps his bearded mouth around it and works it down deep and long before stripping Paddy’s briefs from him and exploring his ass. He rims and fingers Paddy’s ass, finding it tight but willing. (oBrian is mainly a top.) And then, after a little work, it’s ready for Abraham’s seven and a half inch, uncut dick. He gives Paddy’s ass a nice long ramming, and the guys take up various positions to ensure we get some great shots of the once-top now servicing the new guy with his hole.

In fact, for a top, Paddy turns in a wonderful performance here and seems quite at home with every conceivable position, always giving Abraham pleasure, and always with a look of ecstatic disbelief on his face. There are two manly cum shots for you at the end and Paddy’s drops his load into Abrahams’ beard as the boat, we assume, heads on out to sea. This scene gives a whole new meaning to the word sea-men that’s for sure.

Andrea Suarez and Paddy O’Brian at Gods Of Men

You might remember that a little while ago we took a look at the first scene from a new series from Gods Of Men, one of the new, hot sites. If you recall, this was a scene that took place in a room, on a bed, and left me wondering what the Suite of the title was all about. Well, here comes part two and it follows along in a similar vein as part one: same room, same bed, but now with Paddy O’Brian, a veteran of Men dot com movies, and newcomer Andrea Suarez appearing in his first movie.

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The scene starts with a split screen, nice music and excellent light, as we have come to expect from this company, and with Paddy and Andrea lying side by side on the bed in their underpants., You can see that they are already hard and ready to go, but things start slowly and sensually. There are some words of love, some gentle stroking of hard bodies, kissing, and great tenderness which looks to be completely real and non-acted. Andrea is muscled and cute, with a firm body and a large cock. Paddy is pretty similar in build and looks so when the two guys start stroking each other’s cocks, you get two perfect porn star models making out as if they were genuine lovers.
The making out moves on to some hot oral with Andrea making it clear that he is going to be the subservient one in this pairing. He works his mouth and throat down on Paddy’s hard cock for a while, like he’s worshiping it, and then lets Paddy oBrian see his ass. And what an ass; tight and round, with a cheeky pair of lips tattooed on a cheek, inviting you closer, not that you need any invitation to bend down and kiss it. Which is exactly what Paddy does, and more than lick it, he rims his boy out good and long getting his hole wet and ready.

Even the penetration and anal part of this scene is sensitive and loving and it’s a great moment when Andrea gives up his ass to be fucked for the first time on film. You are about half way through the scene at this point, so there is still plenty of horny hardcore time left as the two studs buck and fuck in all manner of positions. They keep up the tender kissing and genuine love making style and there is no dodgy dialogue here. It’s a brilliant hardcore movie that’s handled in a very erotic way that includes two fantastic cum shots. The scene ends with Paddy about to tell a very naughty story, which leaves us panting for part three.

Voyeur Part 1 with Damien Crosse and Paddy O’Brian

Voyeur is a series from Men Of UK a top site that takes British and American porn studs and puts them together in exclusive and original movies. In this one we are in at the start of an adventure and the opening episode stars British hunk Paddy O’Brian and tattooed stud Damien Crosse. This series of scenes is about obsession, about one guy stalking another and it builds to a great climax. As is usual for, who made the scene, there are characters and stories so it is not just going to gratuitous sex. But how does this story start? Well, that’s’ what we’re about to find out.

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It starts with a voice over and great imagery, like some kind of top quality Hollywood production. The voice tells us that this is a story of a voyeur… and we cut to Paddy answering the phone. He’s a photographer working from home when he gets a note pushed through his door, it reads ‘I love you (I’m watching you)’, which he passes off as a prank. Then Damien calls round and Paddy thinks he’s done it. And then the crank phone calls start. Things start to get Paddy wound up but luckily Damien is there to calm him down and so we get to the real nitty-gritty of the scene, two hulking hard buddies making out together.
It starts with gentle kissing and undressing, but while that is happening the voyeur is setting up his camera and spying in. We know that he is going to be able to see everything as Damien goes down on paddy’s rock hard cock and nearly chokes on it as Paddy fast-fucks his mouth. Paddy, naked, muscled and hard as a plank of wood, gets Damien’s cock out, jerks it for a while as he plays with it and then starts to explore the hunk’s ass. And all this is being watched through the window by our voyeur.

Damien takes Paddy’s cock like his ass was made for it. He bends over the table, he sits on it while stroking his own impressive meat and then he gets down on his knees and worships it some more with his mouth. In that position he jerks and sucks Paddy hard, fast and yet near silently while Paddy cums in his mouth. Damien licks up every last drop of the stuff and lets it dribble from his mouth as he squirts his own load in a really dirty, horny climax.

And the voyeur is still watching, and it looks like he has a camera in the room, and Paddy knows there is going to be more of this staking to come. (To be continued…)


Men Of Uk Groupsex with Dato Foland , Leo Domenico and Paddy O’Brian

OK, so we’ve got a couple of those horny Men Of UK guys in a car, in an urban, underground car park, following a lead. (If you’ve not seen the other parts of this series it doesn’t matter too much, but you will want to check them out after you’ve seen this one.) Paddy O’Brian is there with his Vinny Jones accent and his hunking good looks, and he’s with sexy Leo Domenico. They find the voyeur’s lair and realise that not only has this guy been spying on Paddy but there are photos and cameras and all kinds of surveillance equipment. It’s creepy and upsetting, and the voyeur is on his way.

This stalker has a real problem and Paddy and Leo want it explained, so when Dato Foland turns up as the stalker there’s a confrontation. What does he want? Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? He wants to have sex with Paddy (and who doesn’t?). So, if he promises that his will be the end of it, Paddy and Leo will give him what he wants.

That’s a long intro to a very hot scene, but it’s one of those series where build up characters and stories and it make a nice change from the usual wham-bam thank you sir porn videos we see. This one develops into a three-way with these top tops, and hunks. There’s a section so sensuous stripping down and kissing, with the three guys working each other together, at the same time. Dato gets what he wants and gets to suck both hard cocks as the middle-guy, stroking one while sucking the other. He gets on all fours and shows off his smooth hard butt which Paddy rims while Leo gets more cock attention.

You just know that Paddy is not going to resist that cute ass for very long and he’s soon sliding his cock in to the stalker’s ass and spit-roasting him with Leo at the other end. The two tops change positions and Leo gets to stab the stalker, hard and fast now, pushing his head up and down on Paddy’s hard shaft. It all builds to a messy climax with the three guys in a jerk-off together and shooting together but with Dato cumin onto a photo of Paddy. And then, in a nice little twist, Paddy gives him a gift he’s never going to forget. But you really will have to go and watch the scene to see exactly what that is.

Wagner Vittoria assfucked by Paddy

OK, so I’ve not seen Voyeur parts one or two so I am not 100% sure what the on-going story is here but I am very sure that this scene, from Men Of UK is going to be pretty horny. It’s got Paddy O’Brian in it for a start, the hunky English guy with the rough London accent. He’s calling a mate over for help and that mate is bearded stud Wagner Vittoria. He’s on his way and meanwhile Leo is in the control room watching what’s going on in Paddy’s studio. Wagner arrives, ready to ‘do this’ and Paddy sets up a remote sensor, while Leo is set to go and everything is ready. Ready for what is pretty obvious, but ‘why?’ is not so.

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Anyway, the sex starts and that’s the reason we came in. There’s some excellent chemistry between Paddy and Wagner as they feel each other up and strip down, kissing passionately while all the time checking the camera. Wagner goes down on Paddy first and this guy has got a great cock, Wagner can’t get enough if it as he slurs and gags on it. Paddy is also naturally muscled and hairy, as is his playmate and both guys are studly and manly, tough and fit.
He hot stud-sex continues with Paddy taking the top role and fucking Wagner’s tattooed ass. Wagner is big, stocky you might say, and his thick cock stays hard throughout this ass-ramming. He gets taken over the table football table, on the sofa where he sits on Paddy’s dick, sliding down all the way, and where he gets onto his back so Paddy can gently slide his length all the way in before beginning his hard ramming again. He keeps this up for a great long while until he lets Wagner chew on his shaft again. He wanks himself off as he does so, so he shoots his cream while still with a mouthful of London Boy dick which he pounds into his mouth until Paddy is ready to cum.

He comes into his palm, saving all his white jizz and milking his rampant dick. And then? Well, then we return to the story and the mystery. Paddy holds his cream filled palm up to the camera and the voyeur, Leo, looking on, tells him that they’ve ‘got it.’ Got what I wonder? The only way to find out is to scoot on over there and sign up, and in, to Men Of UK and find out.

Drill My Hole with Axel Brooks and Paddy O’Brian

The End (part 3) is the latest instalment of a Paddy O-Brian adventure that comes from Drill My Hole, part of the network that is taking the gay porn world by storm. What they do here is set up some on-going series and then film them like they were filming a Hollywood movie, but they use porn stars with some decent acting ability, all of whom know how to put in a hard and long fuck scene when it’s called for. The story here is about Paddy and his team on the run, being hunted and there’s music and sound effects to go with the action. ( free video preview at the bottom of this post )

Back at base, Paddy is holed up with Axel Brooks, a hunk he saved from the mayhem taking place outside. The guys have nothing to do but sit and wait it out, but Alex really wants to say thank you and with Paddy looking so hunky in his tight fitting shirt and with his rough-end London accent, I mean, war or no war outside, this guy needs some serious attention. And we get to see every horny moment of it as the two guys start kissing and stripping down, showing us their tatts and their muscled, their smooth skin and, very quickly, their rock had cocks.

Axel worships Paddy’s large cock and gets the Londoner really solid and fired up with his mouth. The room falls silent, only the sounds of their breathing and sucking, you can smell the testosterone in the room. Paddy starts rimming out Axels’ hairy ass, getting his tongue right in there, getting his ass ready for his rigid meat. He bends him over on the sofa and starts pounding away at his hole, getting him wound up and ready to take more and harder. Axel rides that long pole as Paddy sits and the guys kiss, passionate and deeply, and all the time the tattooed hunk Axel is stroking his own meat for us. The guys flip positions again and the fucking becomes more intense, all the way through to the end these two guys forget we are watching, the cameras don’t exist and we get treated to a fully natural session all the way to the end.

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Axel jerks off a great load on his body while Paddy is still fucking him and then the top British top shoots several spurts from his manly cock all over his bottom mate still in secretive silence. There is a great atmosphere to this part of this on-going series. But you’re going to need to check in and start at part one to get the real, full background on this story.

Mark Coxx and Paddy O’Brian fucking in the woods

Paddy O’Brian is truly kidding around during porn episode film with gay pornstar Mark Coxx. It does not take very long to get the horsing to end up having fun with one single thing: raw ass fucking. Paddy fucks Mark deep in the forests. He then felt it. The nice and cozy head of Mark´s dick that discovered his butt. He put its complete size up his butt crack, finding it ready and smooth. Mark withdrew away a portion, permitting the head discover its way down again to his tight ass. Then there seemed to be a push. No alert, no laid back action, merely a force with his massive dick faded inside his bottom. “yeah yeah .. gimme more” he moaned as his breathtaking cum stream erupted inside his tight ass. Paddy could easily experience his heart ache throughout his rigid shaft. His sperm was hot inside him. Every aspect of his ass that was not filled up with cock was drenched with hot, sticky jizz.

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